R E S U M E 00 Word Biography

global objectives

Available to serve your nation in partnership with Global Teen Challenge .
Called to serve, raising up cutting-edge outreach teams for indigenous Teen Challenge ministries worldwide. Impacting the global epidemic of drug addiction through the gospel. Train musicians and vocalists for outreach as well as ministry in the word. Consultation on newsletters, promotion, music and video production. My vision is to serve. I am willing to travel as needed to train and equip local ministries for the work. Over 30 years of practical skills in management, music, audio, computers, projection, software, lights, grant-writing and as well as evangelism and outreach as tools to accomplish this.

WORK Experience

1975-1976 Aetna Casualty & Surety, Suburban Station Building, Philadelphia, PA

Bodily Injury Specialist
1976-1979 Aetna Casualty & Surety, Casualty Claim Department, Clearfield, PA
~~~~~~~~~Regional Claims representative

1980-1981 Aetna Casualty and Surety Casualty Claim Department, Columbus, OH
Regional Supervisor of Claim Representatives .

Teen Challenge

Trained and traveled with over 100 different choirs on 5 continents, 47 states of the United States and coast to coast in Canada. Over the last 25 years Bernie, Cathy and their 4 children have logged over 1/2 million miles for Teen Challenge ministering in churches, schools, prisons, the street, national television, talk radio and shared with hundreds of thousands of people.

1981- 1990 Teen Challenge National Training Center Rehrersburg, Pennsylvania

Executive Directors: Rev. Reginald Yake, Rev. Frank Reynolds, Rev. John Castellani
Varied experience: Mail Room Supervisor, Choir Director, and Public Service Manager, Board of Ops

1990-1993 Teen Challenge Farm , London, Ontario, Canada
Executive Director: Rev. George Glover

Helped to pioneer the first National Training Center in Canada. As Public Service Manager and choir director. The Center population grew from 6 students to 30 over that 3-year period.

1993 -2001 Youth Challenge Newport News, Virginia.
Executive Director: Rev. Troy Collier

As Public Service Manager, Choir director and finally Program Administrator, the population grew from 16 to 87 students. They helped to launch the Hope Center and 2 other outreaches. Expanded mailing list from 2000 to 6,600 and Income increased from $120,000 in 1993 to $799,000.00 in 2000.

2001 2002 Lighthouse Worship Center

Senior Pastor: Rev. Ken Cramer Job Description: Minister of Music, Media Director

2002-present: Global Teen Challenge
Full time evangelistic, service and music ministry

Education Ministerial Credentials

1971-1975 Lock Haven University Lock Haven, PA

•  Bachelor of Arts, Fine Arts Mass Communications Graduated Cum Laude. (Managed Set Design shop

1992-1993 Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada, London District Certificate of Ministry


1993-1999 Potomac District of the Assemblies of God Christian Workers Papers

•  Berean College of the Bible Springfield, MO Prescribed Course of Studies for License to Preach

1999-present Potomac District of the Assemblies of God
License to Preach

FAMILY . . .
MARRIED 30 Years

Wife : Catherine A Gillott

Bernie IV , Magna Cum Laude Graduate , Valley Forge Christian College,
Major:Pastoral Counseling
to Sara AUG 2002, one daughter, Natalie.
Jan 2002 to April 2006 Minister of Youth, First Assembly of God, Harrisburg Pa.
May 2007 to present ...Minister of Youth and Worship Leader, Glad Tidings, Norfolk VA

Christopher Gillott , Summa Cum Laude graduate Valley Forge Christian College
ajor: Youth Ministry, minor in Music.
Married, wife Nia NOV 2005-- where are the grand kids?
2004:Served Youth Ministry and Master Commission team at Calvary Temple, Fort Wayne, IN with Chillie Chilton.
2005:Served on Church planting team to plant a multicultural ministry (ReaL Church) in Detroit MI.
2006: Served as Minister of Youth, Singles and Campus at Crosswalk Community Church (A/G) in Williamsburg, VA.
2007 to present ... Senior high Pastor . . . Calvary Church, Naperville IL

Pete Gillott , Graduate of Valley Forge Christian College.
Major: Youth and Pastoral Counseling
Jessica Sept 2003. Looking for those grandchildren.
2004- 2006 Minister of Youth, First Assembly of God Wilmington Delaware.
2006- present Minister of Music, Calvary Assembly, Frederick MD

Rebecca Gillott Senior, Valley Forge Christian College graduating MAY 2006
Major: Elementary Education, minor in Youth Ministry, .

Musical Experience


Piano: Read chord charts, play by ear fluently

Organ: Read chord charts, play by ear

Bass: Basic skills

Guitar Play chords, bar chords, read chord

charts fluently, play by ear

Keyboards : Read chord charts, play by ear fluently

Drums: Basic skills & rudiments

Percussion: Congas, Latin instruments


Production credentials on over 20 recording projects including engineering, vocal performance & arranging,

Audio Engineer, including automation

Experience in analogue: 8/16/24/ track--

Over 500 Hours Sound Forge Digital Editing

Experience in digital: DAT/ 16 track ADAT/

Experienced in Cakewalk, Pro Tracs 7.24, Sound Forge, ACID LOOPS

and all MIDI


1981 to 1990

Director Teen Challenge National Touring Choir
Teen Challenge Training Center, Rehrersburg Pa.

1990 to 1993

Canadian National Touring Choir
Teen Challenge Farm, London, Ontario, Canada


4 International Invasion Teams
Teen Challenge Centre Llanelli, Dyfed, South Wales


Eurasia Teen Challenge 30 Anniversary 1995
Brussels Belgium, ministry in music and the word

October 1995

Broken Chains World Team , Worked with first Broken Chains World Team sponsored by John Macey composed of graduates from 5 different continents which toured the British Isles as an international response to the success of Teen Challenge to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to bear to address the global drug epidemic

September 1995

Appeared on Montel Williams, expert testimony on Homeless teens, national talk show.

January 9 1996

The Newport News Human Rights Commission award for
Outstanding Humanitarian Service.

April 1996

Washington For Jesus Recruited, arranged and directed "The Evidence," a 600-voice choir, composed of men and women from residential treatment facilities including Teen Challenge, Victory Life, Salvation Army ARC across the nation. They performed to standing ovations for over 300,000 people on the steps of the capitol as they testified to the power of Jesus Christ to change lives.

September 1998

Preaching, & music ministry with British Music team, The Evidence , on a 3 nation tour to commemorate 25 years of Britain Teen Challenge outreach


Tidewater Coordinator of March for Jesus . Citywide attendance grew from 600 in 1995 to over 6000 participants in 1998.

June/ July 2002

Scotland/ England/ Wales reunion tour of 1989 International Invasion team in Dunns

Oct./Nov 2002

Trained and toured for Kevin Ward with the Khalula Team in Swaziland and South Africa
2002 to present
Far too much travel to document- refer to Newsletter Archives



Skilled in Novell 3.2

Windows 3.11 - 95 --98 --98 SE --Windows XP (skilled in pier to pier configuration)

Lotus Approach/ Microsoft Office/ Microsoft Word

Basic Graphic Interfaces: Quark/ Corel/ Publisher/ limited Aldus PageMaker

Photographic Scanning, editing Microsoft Picture/ Image Pals/ Ansel/ Adobe Photo Shop / Fireworks

Over 1000 hours Digital Video editing Premier 1.4 as well as -- Media 100, Macintosh, Limited Final Cut

Web Development -- Marcromedia Suites, Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Flash

Over 10,000 hours Digital Video editing- Experience with Adobe Premier 5.0 through -6.5 through Pro 1.5
After Effects and Pinnacle