Bern Cath

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As a part of the European Union's Harm Prevention Program, the huge lobby of pharmaceutical companies is leading a charge to demand methadone maintenance for registered heroin users. They concentrate on profits and so-called safety for society, not freedom for the addict.

Worldwide, methadone generates billions in revenue despite the fact that for decades it is widely recognized to be more harmful than Heroin. It does not reduce abuse, cross addiction nor provide any cure at the root of addiction. While the program is inherently flawed because it is built on the slavery of addicted men and women, it is financially lucrative for pharmaceuticals. Methadone Maintenance merely offers maintenance of a nightmare but never restores their dream of freedom or a future.

The position of the government is that addicts must take methadone, to insure the fact that they will not abuse other drugs. The testimony of Teen Challenge students and those we work with on the streets is that methadone did not curb other drug use. Methadone users routinely abuse valium to heighten or lengthen the methadone "high."

In Poland, a number of Teen Challenge graduates, drug free for over 15 months, were denied housing unless they went back on methadone. The government says there is no cure for heroin addiction and they refuse the obvious evidence of the lives Jesus has changed here in Teen Challenge.

The result is a lifetime of methadone dependence, billions in revenue for huge pharmaceuticals and a steady stream of "lobby money" for politicians. It is a scandal.

While much of my ministry over the years has been to Teen Challenge students and in evangelistic outreach, I have never seen the importance of raising up new works and the urgency of training national leaders for work for ministry of Teen Challenge more clearly.

Seen standing with Silka from Teen Challenge Berlin and myself, Claudia was a product of addiction, a picture of despair. God truly touched this heroin addict. She was a prostitute working the street. The scars on her body and track marks up he arms broke my heart. As we ministered, we found out she was pregnant.

After she gave her life to Christ, Silka offered to take her home to pray through withdrawal since there were no open beds in Berlin Teen Challenge. Please pray with us for Claudia's baby and her complete freedom from heroin and pills.
Continue to believe with us for lasting changes in the hundreds who committed to Christ during the Eastern Europe and Africa Mission trips. Thank you for your partnership in this ministry