GLOBAL TEEN CHALLENGE Strategic Outreach Report


August 15, 2002

Teen Challenge Swaziland

Mbabane, Swaziland, Africa

Bernie & Cathy,

Can you help us here in Africa? We are really a duct tape setup. That might sound bad and probably is not  a great testimony. We started with absolutely nothing and the Lord has provided mightily. We started with corn & beans for our three meals a day, in mud houses. We moved out of the mud houses three years ago.

I just wanted to lay the platform for here . . .

  • 76% of the nation attends Church.
  • 70% believe in culture (ancestral worship) and Jesus-together. To quote the King, "God and ancestors must be pleased by us, must be prayed to."
  • Main hard drug is heroin . Alcoholism, the highest in the world. Marijuana is acceptable and part of the tradition to be able to gain access to ancestral sprits who guide them to food and give rain etc.
  • We have the most ritual murders.
  • HIV is hitting now. the second highest HIV rate World-Wide (53% now)
  • We are now entering a drought (famine confirmed by UNICEF) with average rural person eating two meals a day (corn and gravy).  Swaziland is about 60 % unemployed

The Lord is shaking us. This is the time for repentance and revival. The Word has been preached many times. We are probably the most evangelized country in the world. BUT the fruit is not showing. The fruit of repentance is not here. There is a religious spirit. BUT the Lord is knocking on our doors for change. Hence, the calamities we go through. If you get a chance to get on our website on Swaziland and look up the daily paper you will see what I am saying. Today's newspaper headline : 23 people evicted for ritual murder, .....sucking blood of boy ....Teen Challenge Swaziland has been raised by the Lord as one vessel to disciple a holy remnant that will be part of the body that will help effect the nations, as the Lord's banner is raised and his covenant hand is demonstrated, as people witness His presence in us and see His Love.

We desperately need a choir. We have proven testimonies. So we would be very grateful to leave a choir behind. We are really now responsible for southern Africa. Basically, they wanted TC Swaziland to be a role model for Teen Challenge in southern Africa and chair the regional southern African TC board.

Any new Centre to come up comes through us. Therefore, we have need of a choir to go to all these new areas for Teen Challenge and duplicate ourselves wherever possible, where the help is wanted. Bernie, when is most convenient to you? I ask you that as I think that the Lord will help us determine time according to your framework too. I would prefer to go earlier than later. This is because I would be excited to have you here. This would be great for the kingdom of God. We also have to get into churches in South Africa, so we could extend it somewhat if you have the time and the desire from Cape Town through to Mbabane.

We would be honoured to have the two of you. Please bear in mind that we are in Africa. Rough. Most times things don't work and things can go wrong. From telephones through to cars. But with God, nothing is impossible. Looking forward to hearing from you. How much time do you have? We have a whole continent to demonstrate God's love to. We have a huge harvest waiting for the feet of those who carry the Gospel.                                Kevin

Please visit the Swazi web site to see developments in the last four years, since our first visit