Bernie and Cathy Gillott

The message that Bernie & Cathy bring is truly unique because of their 30 years of experience at Teen Challenge ministering to people with life-controlling problems with drugs, alcohol, or crime. Through years of ministry to the least and the lost, they have worked with and developed principles that really work.          click here for poster

Through 30 years with Teen Challenge, Bernie & Cathy Gillott have trained and traveled with over 100 choirs on five continents and more than 30 nations nations. The people they have worked with are truly unique because every one of them came from a background of life-controlling problems with drugs, alcohol, or crime. Each, with their own story from gangs, to rock and roll, to drug addiction has testified to the miracle working power of God's Love ! In 2003, Bernie traveled 4 continents.

Because of their international outreach with Teen Challenge, as well as ministry in the local church, they have seen the similarities between problems facing Teen Challenge students and families in your community. While symptoms in the local church may be different, the consequences of wounding, rejection, and the need for Jesus Christ are the same.

After all of these years spent pulling kids out of the pit, now they come to build a fence around the pit! The Lord has given them a challenging word for the family that meets people right where they are: Freedom through dependence .On Jesus.

The skills developed as parents raising four of their own miracles, their unique ongoing experience in worldwide ministry and involvement in the local church keeps them at the cutting edge with their finger on the pulse of the practical needs of families today.

Veterans of the music scene for over 30 years, their 12 CDs have thrilled audiences around the world. Be sure to schedule an exciting time of ministry. Enjoy the innovative and robust sound of Bernie and Cathy Gillott.

Invite them and you will see why people say this is more than live ministry, it is a Life Experience

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